Hello Everyone.

First of all, thank you for visiting my website! I hope you find something visually interesting that resonates with you.

I grew up in Texas and spent the majority of my life getting an education in engineering.  I was first introduced to photography by my wife via an entry level DSLR on our move to the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. The changing scenery, varying cityscapes, and towns caught my eye and inspired me to take pictures. Cultivated by the rich and unique culture and scenery of Asheville NC, this peripheral interest really grew into a passion for photography. 

Today I work as an engineer, but relish every opportunity I get to take some pictures and exercise that artistic part of my brain. 

Photographic Interests

Landscapes, Urban Scenery, Architecture, Travel and Street, Portraiture, and Events

Photography has the power to do so many wondrous things, including change the photographer's and viewer's perspective on the world. Finding a great shot or image is not always obvious and most of the time requires a bit of vision, creativity, experimentation, and connection with your subject. When successfully executed,  simple moments can become memorable, powerful and, awe inspiring.

My work has been featured locally by Asheville City Soccer Club, Hi-Wire Brewing, and Comic Envy.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to work with me. As you will see from my portfolio, my interests are wide and I love to meet and work with people. Whether it be a family portrait shoot, covering an event, to working with models in a studio shoot, I am very interested in producing great images.

And please check out my Flickr account for additional material.